Zimmerman steps into the spotlight

Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

“I heard a lot of fast rapping and was like, ‘Wow, it would be dope if I could do that,’ so I kept working on it, until I could finally do it, till I decided I had enough talent to do it on my own,” said junior Nic Zimmerman, who has been dropping some beats of his own for eight years.

If you have heard some of his music, then you can tell that he has put a lot of thought into his lyrics.

“All of my lyrics come from experiences in everyday life, things that I have done or want to do,” Zimmerman said. These lyrics are from Nic’s song played at Homecoming:

“But now I got to make a toast to Coach B

Who’s teaching how to go coast-to-coast

One, two, three, and to the four  

Ankles getting broken when Barnhart is on the floor …”

He writes his music for the students at IHS. “I feel like I write relatable things,” he  said about the subject matter covered in his songs.

It takes most songwriters quite a lot of time, but not with him.  “If I am sitting down and writing a full song with two verses without stopping, it will take me an hour and twenty minutes,” he said.

For most artists in the industry, it takes a whole team to write a song, but Zimmerman often writes his own lyrics.  When he writes alone, he uses a very creative writing process that is unlike any other. “Usually I will find a beat, and once I get my beat selected I take my notebook into the shower with me, so by the time I am done with my shower, my lyrics will be done,” Zimmerman said. His music is inspired by Chris Webby.

He isn’t the only one behind his music. He occasionally writes songs with his older brother Joey. “I love writing with Joey because we both have the same ideas, we never fight, we get along really well, and we have more chemistry than anyone in the game,” Zimmerman said.

All of the music he has released so far has been of the rap genre. “I prefer to write hard rap but my favorite to listen to is emo and screamo stuff,” he said.

Do you want to hear Zimmerman’s music? Send him an email request and he will send you an audio file through Google Drive.