Turmoil in the Lunch Room


Nic Zimmerman, Editor

After a quarter long stint of smoothly running lunch periods, the school decided to do away with students being able to eat in the commons. It is no surprise that this angered many students who had grown accustomed to not being crammed in the cafeteria and having a halfway enjoyable lunch experience. The IHS cafeteria is not a spacious place, and it is plain to see that trying to pile nearly two-hundred students into it is a not so bright idea to say the least.

The senior class was the first to show their feelings of discontent, by eating their lunch in the parking lot the first day that the change was initiated. In the following days, the junior class applied even more pressure by refusing to sit in the cafeteria, but instead sat in the commons where they could be seen front and center. The juniors were told by Crenshaw that he supported the social activism that the students were displaying, but ultimately it was not his decision, and the protest had hit the wrong ears. It looked as though the students push for change would be futile, and not enough to devise change.

Just as students started to face the new change, the voice of an ecstatic Mr.Crenshaw came over the intercom. Hearts filled with pride as he explained that after much discussion with the higher-ups, lunch would be reverted back to its normal format. He continued by letting the entire school body know of his joy and satisfaction, encouraging students to go out and find even more ways to be socially active.

This just goes to show that minors are not voiceless, and a push for change from any age group could pay off immensely. Everyone has the chance to be heard, but often times a person can not find the courage to speak. Iola High School refuses to be a part of that trend.