Athlete Preview: Derek Bycroft


After missing half of his junior season last year due to a hematoma in his right quad, IHS point guard Derek Bycroft looks as if he hasn’t missed a beat, playing his signature lockdown defense so far this year, and contributing many ways on the offensive side.

In the first three games of the year, Bycroft has averaged seven assists and six rebounds a game. Those are very well rounded figures, especially for a point guard coming off an injury. Those numbers have nothing to do with why Bycroft is considered the captain of the squad. That comes from his unrelenting attitude and servant leadership towards the team. It is plain to see that no one has the same amount of heart as Bycroft when he steps on the hardwood. Competitiveness just drips off Bycroft like sweat.

Being a little undersized at 5’8, he finds his edge in physicality, throwing his body all around the gym regardless of the situation. Just like all the best players, Bycroft seems to step up during the biggest of moments. When the stakes are high, his level of play matches. A gritty showtime player.

The Mustangs will be looking to Bycroft to lead them through their tougher 4A-I schedule. With Iola being the favorite for the Pioneer League title, all eyes will be focused on Bycroft and his shooters.