Are you a Fool if you Rip the Juul?

Jacob Burcham and Nic Zimmerman

According to an article from truth initiative, an organization that wants the youth to reject tobacco of all kinds, 1 in 5 students in school have witnessed a Juul be used in school. It is also stated that 18% of students between the age of 12 and 17 use Juuls themselves. A good majority of people who use Juuls regularly did not know it contained nicotine, an addictive substance.

The company has recently been under flak for “aiming their product towards teens” and have made attempts to undo this damage. Although you legally must be 18 to purchase a Juul, that barely stops any underage people from getting their hands on them. Many owners have older classmates that purchase products for them. It is also rather easy to just order it online, which is clearly a problem. Not only are they easily concealable, many people live under the misinformation that they are not as harmful as regular cigarettes. While taking a drag off a cigarette is very hard to hide, and requires a lighter, all you need for a Juul is a little bit of a charge and a pod.

Juul is not only capturing the eyes of everyday people, but also big name companies, like Altria, a huge producer and marketer of tobacco products. They most notably own Marlboro, but also have stakes in many smaller companies. This bumps up the value of Juul to 38 billion.

Juul are putting forth 10 million dollars to put commercials on television. They are only airing after 10 pm local time. The basis of these advertisements will be how Juuls are a safer alternative to cigarettes, and how former cigarette addicts use them over the “more harmful nicotine products.”

Schools have tried rather hard to stop juuling on their property. Most students enjoy juuling in the bathroom. April of last year, Broadneck High of Maryland went so far as to remove doors of bathrooms completely. This, for obvious reasons, caused quite the ruckus at the school, but that did not help. No further stories have been published on this matter, but one can only assume that the doors remain off of their hinges.  

Iola High School has a similar problem, but no actions this drastic have been taken. Quite a few kids have got in trouble here, but much worse things could be done by the youth in Iola.  I am sure that almost everyone here has used or seen a Juul, probably on school grounds. Although they are harmful, I believe it is something that won’t change no matter how much punishment is given out.