Will Shortened Weeks Benefit us or Hurt us

Sean Lewis, Staff Writer

Some of the positives that the 4 day week, or a shortened week bring us is teacher recruitment and it can also help with saving money. It can also help take care of things that parents and kids both need to do on Friday or even Thursday night. Some other positives which a 4 day week can bring are decreased food and transportation costs. This can also help by adding additional savings by cutting down costs on utilities and staff. So the positives seem to be it can help with teacher recruitment, additional savings, cuts major costs, and maybe even happier students, which can lead to more students going to school.

So I hear you asking “Yes there are all these positives, but what about the negatives or the cons of having a shortened schedule.” Well, some are longer days than what we already have, but this can also count as a positive depending on how you look at it. Other than that some other negatives are longer days could be difficult for students, especially the ones in elementary schools. But continuing on with these negative influences some say it can be difficult for families in poorer areas and for students who don’t have access to meals everyday or families this can also be difficult, and on the fifth day some transportation could limit access.

So onto what some of our teachers think about it, Martinez says “She thinks it would be okay if teachers did not have to come in on Friday for a teacher work day.” Another teacher David Daugherty says ”His ideal scenario would be Monday through Thursday and school starting at 10:00 even though that this can never happen, but definitely the 10:00 would be possible. Mrs. Belknap said she would prefer it, and would be great in fact and it would make students want to come to school more with having a three day weekend instead of a two day weekend every week.”