Black Hole

Jacob Burcham and Tavon Bass

Back in the April 2017, something amazing happened. We finally got a glimpse at a true black hole. We have theorized what they may have looked like for a long time, but never truly gazed upon one. The team behind it had been working on this project for over a decade. They have 8 telescopes, collectively named Event Horizon Telescope, that they use to look into the stars, two of which are located in Hawaii. This contributes to the black hole’s name, Powehi. Powehi is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “embellished dark source of unending creation.” The honor of naming Powehi came to a Hawaiian professor named Larry Kimura.

This discovery is incredibly huge, and will change history forever. Not much is known about a supermassive black hole, but they are indeed supermassive.They usually exist in the middle of a galaxy, and this specific one is in the middle of Messier 87, a galaxy 53 million light years away. The telescope used to view this first one may see many more, and may contribute to learning more about these huge entities. Only time will tell.