Fillies Struggle With Young Team


Varsity @ Anderson County 101312 Lower (164)

The season could have gone better for the Iola High School Fillies volleyball teams.

There was a dramatic change in performance throughout the season as all the teams progressively got better. The varsity had it rather rough with a final record of 6-28, all the girls worked hard and had fun.

“The season was good, though I wish we could’ve gotten farther,” sophomore Emery Driskel said. “I really enjoyed playing with the other girls and I am excited for the next season.”
Added senior Katie Thompson: “I really enjoyed playing with the girls, even though the score board never said what we wanted it to say.”
The JV coach commented on the exciting season his team had. They got a third-place medal at a meet in Independence which was their crowning achievement. The final record was inaccessible by the coach at this time.The freshmen team started off their season with a losing record of 1-9, but came back tremendously and ended the season with a 20-16 record.
“They improved so much this year” coach Jeff Fehr said.
Freshman Mikalea Platt mentioned that “this was a fun, good way to start.”