Fillies Off To An Impressive Start

Under leadership from Endicott and Piazza, IHS tallies win in season-opener


Senior Hannah Endicott leads the team to the first win of the year for the Fillies Basketball team.

Punctuality, ambition and goal-setting are all qualities of a strong leader.

Senior Hannah Endicott shows all of these characteristics in her role as the only senior on the Fillies basketball team this season.

Her younger teammates agreed that she is at the helm of the team. This year’s freshmen noted that her welcoming ways and encouraging attitude are making the experience of first-year high school sports less scary and more fun.

“It’s scary and stressful, but the game is worth it,” Endicott shared.

She has been playing basketball all four years of her high school career, so the court is no new environment. Endicott admitted, however, that she was unaware of the impact she has in the way of team leadership.

Team members seem to be in agreement that they are much more prepared this year, and many were quite excited for their first game Dec. 6 against Girard.

Endicott is optimistic, estimating the Fillies will more than double their wins this year compared with the varsity record of one win last year.

The ladies spent their first week on the court getting in shape and working on plays while juggling two-a-days. They are already making good memories on the court.

The team shared a laugh, recalling how sophomore Mikaela Platt took a tumble with the ball after seemingly tripping over nothing. (Platt counters that she was so focused on getting the ball in the basket that she tripped over her own two feet and hit the ground near the boys locker room.)

The Fillies might find some time to laugh it up, but they also can count on junior Emma Piazza to keep their noses to the grind. “I’ve always been looked at as kind of a leader,” she said, “so I try to always do my best.”

She works hard to keep her teammates focused but also tries to build an atmosphere of excitement about the game, the players say.

All that hard work paid off with the season opener on Dec. 6, when the varsity was victorious in an impressive game against Girard, topping the Trojans 35-28. The night’s top scorers were Addie Haar and Platt with 10 points each. Freshman Sydney Wade also had an amazing game, scoring 5 for the team.

“We’re excited about the win and are expecting many more!” sophomore Taelyn Sutterby said.

The junior varsity team fought its way through a tough, close game Dec. 6, ending up with a 32-38 loss to Girard.

Varsity traveled to Baldwin City on Dec. 10, where they faced Chanute in the beginning of a tournament. The game was a nailbiter, and the Fillies were defeated in the last 40 seconds of the game by the Comets, 35-27.