Fillies are hot to trot


Watch out, southeast Kansas. The Iola Fillies basketball team is a real competitor this year. The girls are on fire this year with a record of eight wins so far this season, compared with one overall win last year. The Fillies are all smiles about their performance and being undefeated in Pioneer League play.
“I love my team,” sophomore Mikeala Platt explained. “We all get along so well as a team, we are so close and always have so much fun as a team.”
This newfound sense of teamwork mixed with more intense drills and practices is a formula for success. The Fillies agree that they have all improved.
The girls are working hard to hone their skills more and continue to rack up wins. The Fillies came home with a 30-27 win after going to Prairie View in mid-January. Then came the Burlington tournament, where they went 1-2. On Feb. 7, the Fillies bested Anderson County 45-31 and then beat Osawatomie at home 44-22 on Feb. 11 before heading to Central Heights last Friday.
The junior varsity girls are also doing well this season, winning their latest matchup against Osawatomie 43-17.
Said coach Mark Percy: “We run a lot of different girls … and that’s why their improvement hasn’t shown through the record, but the girls are really working hard.”