Girls tops in league


This year’s basketball season had a whole new feel for the Iola Fillies. With a varsity record of 12-8, the girls became Pioneer League champions and narrowly missed a substate victory.
“It’s a really exciting winning the league, because none of the girls on the team have ever done it, so it’s nice to have the experience together.” sophomore Mikaela Platt said.
She went on to talk about the team’s motto for the season: “One game at a time.” This inspirational saying encouraged the girls to not worry about future games and just focus on doing their best, one game at a time.
“I am so happy for my team and would really hope to see my them win league again next year but with an even better overall record,” Platt said.
In the last couple weeks of the season, the Fillies dominated the courts, winning three out of the last three regular season games and ending on a high note going into the substate competition.
The girls battled Wellsville on Feb. 21, maintaining a hefty lead and finishing at a score of 55-29. Four days later, they took the court against the Anderson County Bulldogs, coming out victorious after another impressive game, 46-30. To finish out the season, the girls played Wellsville once again, topping the Eagles 42-33.
The Fillies were all smiles and had high hopes going into the first-round substate game March 6. They came home that night with a 31-28 win over Prairie View.
“We never gave up; even when we were down 1 to 9, we never hung our heads,” senior Hannah Endicott said. “We may have looked a little crazy out there, but we believed we could do it, and we did.”
As the only senior on the team, Endicott has helped lead the IHS girls through a positive season. “I felt like we pulled the win out of nowhere, because at certain points I’m pretty sure some of our fans may have given up on us, but we knew deep down we could do it,” she continued.
The girls took on Burlington in the substate final March 8, but despite their hard work, lost 38-51.
“I would say that everyone on the team was surprised at our performance overall, and we were all really disappointed at how the game turned out,” junior Emma Piazza said.
“We were also proud of what we have accomplished this year,” she added. “Last year, we lost to Burlington by around 50 points, and the fact that we only lost to them by 13 and were tied with them at the half just shows all of our hard work and determination.”
“It also shows how much better we have gotten and how much better we can be next year.”
On the Flip Side
The varsity girls weren’t the only ones to have a successful run. The junior varsity girls ended the season with a record of 9-8.
“The season went really well,” coach Mark Percy said. “We were in just about every game and had a chance to win most of them. We lost a few that we shouldn’t have and won a few right at the end, so it kinda balances itself out. I think overall what we were looking for mostly was improvement from all the girls, and I think we got that.”
This year’s freshman group was an impressive one with most of the ninth-graders playing in JV and varsity games.
“Freshman only played half and quarter games this year, and most of them were more involved with JV and varsity games than the freshman team,” coach Emily Sigg noted.
The freshman team ended up with a 6-8 record this year.