IHS Football is Bracing for the Tackle

Ryan Eyster, Editor

School has only been in session for a month, but the Mustangs football program has been here for nearly two. “We’ve had three weeks of preseason,” says Coach Kerr, “and we’ve done lots of conditioning.” Some members of the team have even spent part of their summer at football camps, honing their skills like Junior Chase Regher did. He spent a lot of the summer “just getting bigger. We’ve spent a lot of time in the weight room.”

Regher and Coach Kerr remark that the team is not without its struggles. Coach Kerr remarks about the Santa Fe Trail game, the team’s first, that “we made a great effort, but made some first game mistakes. We just need to work towards eliminating them.”

Two weeks ago at the Prairie View game, there were “lots of squabbles. We just couldn’t work together. There were a couple guys who got pulled out because of some.. disagreements… with other players. To me, it felt like we got some bad calls, but I can’t [make judgements],” says Regher.

“We had a few guys who got a little amped up, but we got it taken care of, and we pulled through it. We’re stronger for it.” The last phrase encompasses the Mustangs’ goal for the season.

“What I think we should shoot for is improvement. I don’t want us to plateau, and with the group of guys out this year, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

The Mustangs played Labette County at home on the 19th, with the first win for the season at 48-33. After Friday’s Osawatomie game, the team’s record is at 1-3.

Despite the setbacks, Regher remarks that “our record doesn’t show our improvement. I feel like we are much stronger than we were last year. We have a good number of guys, enough to keep everyone on the field fresh. We just have to get it in gear.”

“We didn’t do too well against Osawatomie, but we’re hoping to turn it around for the homecoming game this Friday.” The homecoming game will be against Central Heights at 7 P.M.