Tennis Players Overcome Numbers


Brynna Hollins

pictured above, Senior Bobbi Sinclair

Ryan Eyster, Editor

The girls’ tennis team is nearing the end of another season, even though the school year still feels new. Their final league match was at Parsons on the 29th, with their regionals match on October 9th.

This years’ team only has 9 players, with 3 of those being returning varsity players. Even facing small numbers, the girls have a fairly balanced record, with 9 wins and 11 losses. “I’ve seen a lot of improvement this year,” says Coach Bycroft, “these girls are doing a great job.”

Sophomores Macayla Bycroft and Erin Klubek “played very well this season in doubles”, says Coach, “they ended up 2-2 and placed third at their match [on the 24th].” The team also has their share of struggles. Tori Smith, the third returning varsity player, was ill the week of the 14th. Sophomore Sloan Geddry played up with Freshman Jennifer Tidd on doubles that week. Bobbi Sinclair, a senior, fought through injuries at the last meet. “All of the girls were cheering her on, and it was great to see their encouragement. Tennis is a team sport, but [in a way that is] different from most.”

“We played hard this season,” Coach Bycroft concludes, “Tennis is a lifelong sport. It’s great to see the improvement this season.”