IHS wrestling team ready to bring their A-game after first competition

Dyllan Jones, Staff Writer

Few things get people more excited than good first impressions, and the start of the wrestling season is a shining example. Wrestling, while risky for those getting pinned, is sweet and rewarding for those on top. For Iola High School, an impressive display at the year’s first invitational proves especially heartening for what’s to come.

As a team, Iola ranked third overall in the Caney Invitational on Dec. 5. Athletes who distinguished themselves in this contest include, but are not limited to; Colton Toney, Chandler House, and Tavon Blazek,and Andrew Garber, who placed first in their respective divisions.

According to John Lynn, Junior Varsity wrestler and freshman, Iola has “a good shot at state” if our wrestlers’ efforts continue to be fruitful. He believes that the camaraderie of the team, as well as their dedication to the sport, will be essential to continued success. In his words, they’re “like a family, not just a team”.

The Iola wrestling team will once again have the opportunity to compete in the upcoming Varsity-exclusive Anderson County Invitational at Garnett on Dec. 12.