Mustangs recover from last minute time change with victory


Allie Utley

Joey Zimmerman, senior, makes a run for the ball at the game against Prairie View.

Allie Utley, Staff Writer

Due to the harsh weather approaching Iola, Friday night’s Iola Mustangs game time was moved up to begin playing at five o’clock. “I think we were a little flat just because of the time change,” head coach Doug Kerr said. ‘’I thought there was going to be a little bit of chaos early, but the kids responded really well to it. It gave us a slow start for us mentally, but we were able to get two scores to it real quick.”

The offensive game gave the Prairie View Buffalo’s a startle in the first half of the game. Kerr said, “We had a bunch of different people contribute. Joey Zimmerman [12] had an amazing catch for a touchdown. Ethan Holloway [11] had a couple of great catches. Ben Cooper [12] had a great second half. Tayton Driskel [10] ran hard. So we had a couple guys that really helped bring up our offense.”

Talking about his defensive players, Kerr said, “Chase Regehr [12] played really good on defense. He led the team in tackles. Then Zimmerman made some really great plays at secondary, obviously two interceptions, one would return for a touchdown and one was back at the one yard line, and so both those two guys really stood out.” Kerr also commented, “And our defensive line probably played one of their best games in the past couple years.”  

The 1-1 Mustangs play against Wellsville this coming Friday, September 16. “They’re a really good football team, we’re going to have to play our best game of the year to beat them.”