Fillies tennis wraps up


Jenn Bycroft

The Iola Fillies tennis team stands together proudly. (Left to right) Juniors Carley Cescon, Macayla Bycroft, freshman Allie Utley, junior Erin Klubek, and sophomore Jennifer Tidd.

Allie Utley, Staff Writer

Iola High School’s Fillies tennis season came to a close this past Friday at the Class 4A regionals, held in Chanute.

The day took off when junior Carley Cescon and freshman teammate Allie Utley dominated the Columbus Titans number two doubles team 9-0. This led the team into the twelfth-seeded bracket, where Chanute’s fifth-seeded pairing were waiting. Chanute took the lead and won the first set 6-0, then won the second 6-2, knocking the Fillies out of the bracket.

“Both did a great job hustling after the ball in the backcourt and trying to place the ball,” coach Jenn Bycroft said. “Both girls are new to tennis this year, Carley being a junior, and Allie being a freshmen. Carley has some natural athletic ability and that helps tremendously. Allie has really worked a lot this past summer and fall on her entire game. If they keep that up, we’ll see some more good things next season.”

Meanwhile, Iola High juniors, Macayla Bycroft and Erin Klubek, played the most exciting and eventful match of the day against El Dorado High. El Dorado quickly advanced to a 5-2 lead, but the Fillies managed to rally back and make it 6-6. The opposing team quickly regained the lead, coming back to make it 9-6, ending Bycroft and Klubek’s season.

“There were very long rallies many times,” Bycroft said. “It was a heartbreaking match for all of us. They knew they could beat them, it just didn’t happen today. I can’t complain. Both Macayla and Erin played tough today, mentally and physically.”

Tidd returns a serve with the backhand technique in her matches on September 29.
Allie Utley
Tidd returns a serve with the backhand technique during one of her matches on September 29.

The final match of the day was sophomore Jennifer Tidd against Independence High School. Tidd, facing a bye on the opening round, was put into the fifteenth seed. Unfortunately, in both sets Tidd fell 6-0. “She has improved her strokes a lot this season, putting some more spin on the ball and really trying to place it to make her opponent’s move,” Bycroft said. “Unfortunately today, she ended up playing in the number two seed.”

“Jen had some nice drop shots and went out and gave it everything she had today,” Bycroft continued. “She is just a sophomore, so hopefully she’ll just keep working at it more and more and do great things next year.”