Running our way to regionals


Thelma Rodewald

Freshman Royce Smith concentrates on running at a meet earlier this year.

Sierra Snavely, Staff Writer

“We always have pressure on us to do our best and try to get first place as a team. We also always have the pressure to go perform at the max because there are teams equal to us that we have to outrun,” says seasoned sophomore runner, Cole Regehr.  

The 2016 Cross Country Regionals for Class 4A will be held in Burlington, Kansas. On Saturday, October 22, all members of the Iola High School Cross Country team will head to Burlington. Everyone will suit up, but only a selection of the team will compete against 15 other schools. The Fillies will begin at 10 a.m. and the Mustangs will begin at approximately 10:40, both competing for a spot at state. State will be held a few weeks later in Wamego, Kansas on October 29.

“Running everyday and eating right is how I am personally preparing for regionals,” says Royce Smith, freshman runner. “I plan to run my hardest and help get the team to state and go from there.”

“I’m hoping the team does better this year, since we have faster people running. I have faith in our top seven runners who I know can bring us home a win at regionals as a team,” says junior Jonathan Rodewald.

Cross Country head coach Marvin Smith says, “This sport, perhaps more than any other, requires a self discipline to be honest with yourself. The effort you put into each practice determines the success you have in a meet.”