IHS Special Olympians bowl over the competition

Sara Barbarick, Guest Writer

Ann Pomatto’s Special Olympics team has three junior students: Ty Johnson, Ian Webber, and Dakota Knowles. This team is open to ages from eight years up to adults. They play bowling in the fall, basketball warm-ups during winter, and track and field in the spring.

Ann Pomatto
Ian Webber picks up a bowling ball and aims for a strike.

The kids all love to compete. The team practices three to four times as a group and they have two competitions. Pomatto says an exciting experience with the students is, “Just seeing them out and interacting with others. They love it just as much as practicing for these events.” Everyone who participates in the competition will get some sort of medal or ribbon.

Ann Pomatto
Ty Johnson smiles for his picture with his gold medal.

On November 11, at the bowling competition, Ty Johnson took first place, second place was Ian Webber, and third place was Dakota Knowles.