Post-season football and volleyball honors


Allie Utley

Senior Trea Williams is one of five Iola High School students that have been recognized with a post-season honors.

Allie Utley, Staff Writer

While basketball and wrestling season takes over recent news at IHS, post-season football and volleyball honors have been published. For our football team, seniors Trea Williams, Chase Regehr, and Joey Zimmerman have been recognized for all-state by the Topeka Capital Journal and the Wichita Eagle.
“Week after week, they were always the kids who were getting recognized as leaders on the defense. With time, news spreads from newspaper to newspaper. It was just worthy of them to be on the team,” head coach Doug Kerr says. “Joey’s knowledge of our defense and his knowledge of putting people in the right spots in the right time, which he benefited from.” He continues, “Chase just gave us so much experience. Starting out as a sophomore really helped us on defense, which we will miss next year. Trea just had a great motor this year and had a lot of energy and put a lot of effort into getting better each week and being coachable. I honestly don’t know if they’re ‘different’ than other high school athletes as far as work ethic, they just gave that extra effort and pushed themselves a little harder than the rest.”
“Coach Kerr helped me all the time when we were in the weight room. All the positions coaches – Daugharthy, Mac, and Hager – all put me in good positions to play to my full potential,” senior Chase Regehr says. “I hope I stood out them, and I wasn’t just lucky.”

Drew Tucker
Sophomore Piper Moore prepares to serve to the other team. She is the youngest to receive recognition.

Also being nominated for post-season honors are two members of the IHS volleyball team, senior Sydney Wade, and sophomore Piper Moore. They were recognized for all league.
“[Moore] was recognized last year by the pioneer league as a freshman, which was really impressive, so it’s not surprising that she was nominated this year. Our league had some really good upperclassmen, and I think she fit in right with that group,” head coach Jeff Fehr commented. “She has a lot of court knowledge. It’s second sense to her.”