Fillies tennis obliterates competition at home match


Sadrie Overall

Iola fillies took an astonishing first place at their home match.

Dyllan Jones and Allie Utley, Editor

News of Iola’s most recent major victory is sweeping Southeast Kansas. For the first time in many years, Iola’s tennis players have taken the first place spot on its own stage. This is a momentous occasion for the Fillies tennis team.

Iola’s varsity sophomores have remained unmatched this year in singles and doubles, and this competition was no exception. In #2 singles, Allie Utley blazed through all of her competition, going 3-0, keeping her undefeated record alive. As for doubles, the dynamic duo, Carlie Payne and Gabby Richards also remain undefeated, dominating all three of their matches.

Sadrie Overall
Sophomore Gabby Richards awaits her opponents serve.

“Allie Utley probably did the best,” senior tennis player, Erin Klubek commented. “She used to play doubles and this year she is playing singles.”

Although Coach Bycroft originally intended to switch the team’s lineup more thoroughly, she kept it the same, largely so that the two senior girls would remain together as partners. This turned out to be a good choice, as both doubles groups won without significant trouble.

“I decided to keep our two seniors, Macayla Bycroft and Erin Klubek, together as doubles partners.  This is the 3rd year they’ve played doubles together and they really work pretty well together. They encourage each other, back each other up, and they don’t give up,” coach Bycroft commented. Klubek and Bycroft stormed through their competition, going 3-0.

Allie Utley
Coach Bycroft gives advice to senior, Macayla Bycroft between games.

“It feels amazing,” Klubek commented. “We haven’t done that well in a long time. I think we have a real chance to go to state this year.”

Macayla kept her feelings short, sweet, and to the point. “We’re awesome,” she said with confidence.

This victory could mean a lot for the future of the IHS tennis program. In evolving their skills as both individuals and group players, the Fillies have opened up a multitude of possibilities for the near future. The next varsity match will take place at Independence, Kansas on September 7.