The Mustangs prepare to clash with Trojans


Nic Zimmerman, Staff Writer

The Iola Mustangs were finally able to snatch their first win last Friday night despite fumbling issues  and a very talented Parsons quarterback. It finally looks as if things are on the upside as the Stampede prepares to take on a hungry Osawatomie football team. Will the ‘Stangs recent triumph be enough to lift them past the Trojans?  

This is a fair question considering the rumors of recent discord amongst the team. “We have to come together and bond as a team. We can’t let distractions off the field affect us on the field,” said senior Matt Miller.

Although, the Mustangs do not have a shortage of issues on the field as well. The team just cannot seem to keep the pigskin off of the ground. Many are quick to shift the blame on the young backfield, but Miller had a different perspective on the issue: “It’s not only the back’s job, but also the lineman’s. They need to give the backs solid time to make their reads.”

Their opponent this week does not boast an impressive record (1-4), but they do have talent nonetheless. Osawatomie has a plethora of shifty, one cut backs who are capable of gashing a defense on its heels. The Mustangs defense has been the anchor this year, but they still have shown weakness shutting down elusive runners.

It’s safe to say fans will be seeing two gritty offenses trying to keep the ball on the ground and outmuscle the opponent. The question remains: will the Mustangs’ physicality be enough to send the Trojans packing?