Volleyball team prepares to send off senior players


Scott Carson

The IHS volleyball team lines up for a group photo

Trevelle Means and Dyllan Jones, Staff Writer, Editor

The Iola High School volleyball team will be playing their final home game on the 10th of October. The tri game, which features our team versus Santa Fe Trail and Osawatomie, will start at 4:30 p.m. The theme for the three-team match is pink-out. It will also be senior night, a ceremony held between the second and third games to honor the departing senior volleyball players. In 2017, they are as follows: Colbi Riley, Chloe Gardner, Madison Carlin, Karly McGuffin, and Katie Bauer.

“I am looking forward to the senior ceremony that we have, where our parents walk us out and the juniors present us with kind words and a present,” said senior Karly McGuffin.

McGuffin said she was motivated to keep up with the sport because she enjoyed “getting to be with my best friends, because we have all been playing volleyball together since middle school, just spending time with each other and getting a closer bond.”

“We didn’t really plan it, it just so happens that our only home game in October is senior night so we thought we would just combine the two,” replied McGuffin when asked about the significance of two special events, pink-out and senior night, being on the same day.

Senior cheerleader Emilee Luedke expressed optimism for the upcoming competition. “I am excited to go to the game to see how the girls have improved. Being a senior, I get that it is your last home game. And from a cheerleader’s perspective, I am excited because the last game I went to was exciting, and the whole cheer squad will be there,” she said.

Emotions and spirits are running high. Iola’s volleyball players and fans will have to give their best effort and support if they want to send the senior girls off not only with their respect and admiration, but with a victory as well.