What’s going on in Scholars Bowl?


Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

The Iola scholars bowl team has been very busy with 2 meets left in their regular season. Then two more meets with regionals and state. So far, they have competed in 16 meets, placing in eleven of those.

“It’s been fun! We’ve medalled at almost every meet I’ve been to,” says sophomore River Hess.

While scholars bowl is different from the other sports offered at IHS, it is still a team competition and a KSHAA sponsored event.

“I really enjoy getting to be with friends. It’s also satisfying to answer the more ‘out there’ questions,” Hess said.

Scholars bowl meets are structured a little differently from other extracurricular activities. A team of around five people enter a room and are met with another team. The captain of each team sits in chair number two. The teams are asked questions from several categories and earn ten points for each correctly answered question, according to Hess.

“Knowing a lot of seemingly useless information helps. The ability to spell obscure words and recite the names of people you’ve learned about in history class helps too,” Hess concluded.