Musical and Comedy Highlight Talents


Fall Play 110812 Mrs B (342)

In our school year thus far, the two key student productions have been “Willy Wonka Jr.” and “The Greek Olympiaganza.”

The staging of “Wonka” was a community theater production. However, director Richard Spencer wanted more high school and middle school students involved so that they might return to act in future productions later in life. Rehearsals began during the summer and ended Sept. 16. More than 32 middle school and high school students were involved in the production.
“Wonka” was a stage adaptation based on the two movies, which were based on the popular book by Roald Dahl. Every night of the performance, the Bowlus Fine Arts Center was completely sold out.
“Olympiaganza” was the fall production for IHS. For those who missed out, the play was a comedy that chronicled a desperate last-minute attempt by students Katie Thompson and Eli Grover to turn in a class presentation on Greek mythology. Legends and tales were woven together with the help of other students along the way.