StuCo Gets To Work

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Cris Harris, Staff Writer

StuCo Simien 112912People underestimate the importance of Iola High School’s student council. StuCo is a form of student government. Sophomore president Emma Piazza explained that StuCo’s function is to “regulate student activities and to decide homecoming themes.”

“People should be nice to us StuCo members; we control what you do,” freshman class president Zach StClair joked.

Members of StuCo have planned many entertaining activities, including pep rallies, fundraisers, tournaments, concessions, and homecomings. President Chanel Coyne said that there is still “a lot of exciting activities in store for the rest of the year.”
The leaders of IHS StuCo are President Chanel Coyne and the Vice President Michael Wilson.
The class presidents are senior Jordan Strickler, junior Quinton Morrison, sophomore Emma Piazza and freshman Zach StClair. The class representatives are freshmen Taylor Heslop and Taelyn Sutterby, sophomores Addie Haar and Adam Peterson, juniors Chay Hutton and Paige Miller, and seniors Cassandra Boyer and Jason Tidd.