Twist on the tropics

Homecoming week can be considered one of the most entertaining to see and participate in at IHS, with school pride being shown throughout the school and the entire town.
Iola High students are known to push their limits on school spirit without showing any humility. Dressing up as the opposite gender and even Christmas presents, showing relationship status through color of attire and even wearing arm floaties when there isn’t any water in sight helped students raise spirits and “Tropic Like It’s Hot.”
School pride week this year seemed to do it’s job, as the Mustang football team won its homecoming game against the Prairie View Buffalos.
Although homecoming week is largely about pride and the big game, many others see it as a rewarding process for those who are nominated for royalty.
Sixteen seniors are chosen each year to represent the school as king and queen nominees; this year they included Jordan Strickler, Colton Schubert, Stephen McDonald, Aaron Barclay, Mason Coons, Eric Heffern, Tyler Clubine, Eli Grover, Cassandra Boyer, Caitlyn Callaway, Chanel Coyne, Chloe Friedrich, Libby Shay, Breanna Stout and Emily Ware.
“Even though homecoming is very stressful, it is one of the most rewarding weeks of the year,” said Dianne Kauth, adviser for Student Council, which organizes homecoming.
Out of the 16 nominees, only two can be chosen to serve as Iola High School fall homecoming king and queen. These two students, chosen by popular vote, were Strickler and Coyne.
Organizers said that special thanks for this year’s homecoming go out to Stephanie McDonald, Klein Lumber, Walmart, A&W, The Iola Register, the Iola Booster Club and all others involved in making this year’s events.