Mustang Sound Warms Things Up

Iola High pep band transforms with changing set list & added travels


Cheering fans, the squeak of shoes on the court, the smell of popcorn, and the roar of the Mustang Sound Band will fill gymnasiums far and wide this winter basketball season.

The band will operate a bit differently this year. Mr. Kleopfer has decided on an audition system that will narrow the running down to a select group of people of all ages. Those who make the cut will have to sign a contract and either commit to games, find a substitute, or “forfeit your position” from this very select band.

He aims to create an air of excellence, with a full band uniform and a more professional and challenging setlist of songs.

Many members of the band expressed their opinions on this change. Jerrica Adams, a freshman trombone player, talked about the audition system that Kleopfer is implementing. “It eliminates the people that don’t care or aren’t good,” stated Jerrica.

Kleopfer also plans on introducing select middle schoolers to the mix. This has caused mixed feelings among the older members in the band. Many of the high schoolers have expressed their opinions on the matter. Judd Wiltse, sophomore baritone player, says:

“Some people argue about K. introducing them, but he is instructing them way better than any other middle school band.”

Judd also expressed his excitement at playing with the younger members of the growing Iola band community, especially his younger brother Jaxon Wiltse.

“I feel like it is a privilege, because only a certain amount of people can make it in”, said Jaxon about getting to play with the high schoolers.

Another sophomore, Yohon Sinclair, made a good point:

“It’s cool because there are really talented players, but it’s also a bummer because for every middle schooler that makes it, that’s a high schooler that doesn’t.”

Kleopfer plans to take the band on the road this year, spreading the music of Mustang Sound just about anywhere the basketball team goes.

“We want to make the team feel at home anywhere we are,” said Kleopfer.

The band plans on traveling much more than last year, spreading their sound all the way from Baldwin to Fredonia. The band members say they are excited to be back on the road again, and they can’t wait to see the expression of the crowd when they light up their sound.