Getting to know the experience of theatre

Romantic comedy ‘Almost, Maine’ brings new & old faces together

By Madison Luken

On a cold, wintry night in Almost, Maine, nine couples discover new things about their love lives. With each of these unique stories, the characters all experience different emotions: happiness, confusion, and even heartbreak. But all of their lives change for the better, or maybe worse. 

For this fall IHS production at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in November, drama veterans and newcomers came together to portray these compelling stories.

“It is always exciting to have new talent in a show,” said director Richard Spencer. “It was especially nice that this many new people could gain the experience in the same production. Each show a person does adds to their acting strength.”

There were five freshmen in this play.

“I really enjoyed getting to know the experience and actors in this play,” said freshman Zack Cokely. “It was fun just getting to hang out backstage.”

One of the other newcomers in this play was senior Sarah Gonzalez.

“Being in this show was a stressful but fun experience,” said Gonzalez. “My favorite part about this show was getting to know my character. I recommend trying to join theatre. It’s a very enriching experience.” 

Director Spencer hopes for the opportunity of more people getting to experience theatre in the spring.

“There were at least 8 more new girls that auditioned for which I did not have a part. I hope to be able to change this with the spring show.”