Pump up the volume

Mustang Sound prepares for its new season

By Brynna Hollins

The Mustang Sound pep band began its first practice of the season last month.

This year, the Iola High pep band is bringing out all the stops by slightly cutting down the size of band, adding a new sound system and new songs, as well as a full rhythm section complete with guitars, bass and even a vocalist. “We’re going for a more commercial sound this year,” director Matt Kleopfer said.

There are also plans to go to some away games again this year. “We’re always looking for opportunities to go on the road,” Kleopfer said.

The pep band also will travel to Wichita State University, whose band is scheduled to visit IHS for winter homecoming night on Jan. 16.

Kleopfer also mentioned taking the band on tour to play for other basketball games. “Every year, we’re just trying to do something different so our crowd and our team doesn’t grow stagnant,” he said.

Students in Mustang Sound are eager to play for everyone.

“I’m excited to play my trumpet; that’s what I love doing,” freshman Madison Carlin said.

Kleopfer and the band are waiting to reveal all their new material.