All about that band

Mustang Sound is louder than ever

By Klair Vogel, Staff Writer

Mustang Sound started off the year with extra practices and a new energy.

After getting some new equipment and hiring two vocalists, the IHS pep band is even louder than last year. The band has added some new music to its playlist, as well as some younger players who were given an opportunity to audition for a spot. In doing this, about half of the band consists of middle-schoolers.

Senior pep band members Garrett Prall and Emily Klubek and junior Yohon Sinclair all think that the new sound system and the new vocalists make the band sound even better — and louder.

Some people have even said they think that Mustang Sound may be a bit too loud.
Prall begs to differ. “There is no ‘too loud’ in pep band,” he said.

But, Sinclair said there might be a limit to how much sound the band can make. “When the walls start shaking, then we might turn the volume down a bit,” he joked.

According to director Matt Kleopfer, getting used to some new strategies has taken some time, particularly when it comes to adding singers. The two vocalists are Audrea Stahl and Sabra Aguirre.

“We have to keep coming up with new innovations to keep our fans from zoning out,” he said.

Some of the returning songs that have no vocals in them include “Requiem for a Dream,” “Alive and Amplified,” “The Impression That I Get,” “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” and the rapped “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”
Some new vocalist-centered tunes added this year are “All About That Bass,” “Light ‘Em Up,” “Roar,” “Pompeii,” “Price Tag,” and “Sweet Caroline.”

Mustang Sound took their talents on the road recently, traveling to the Burlington tournament Jan. 20.
“The Burlington tournament is usually where we turn the corner and get a lot stronger,” Kleopfer said.

In other band news, the IHS Marching Mustangs went down to San Antonio, Texas, during winter break and played in the halftime show with the K-State band and a few other high school bands from across the country.
The pep band also performed with the Wichita Shocker Sound at the homecoming game against Wellsville on Jan. 16. More recently, the band had an all-day clinic with a trombone quartet, Maniacal Four, who performed at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in January.