Sophomores finding their way

From creativity to work and friends, students keep busy

By Tori Danford and Ryan Eyster, Staff Writers

Alle Peres is creative, nice and inspirational. She has a mind that’s unlike anyone else’s. Her favorite hobbies are art, photography, and reading. “These activities are hands on, allowing me to be creative, although sometimes challenging they let me see things in a new perspective. That’s why I love it,” said Peres.

She also participates in Scholars Bowl, dog showing, and is employed. Peres enjoys Scholars Bowl because of the trivia, learning, and the friends that come with the team.

While showing dogs, she gets to hang out with friends and English bulldogs all day, so who wouldn’t love it?

At her job, she does a range of tasks, from helping families and friends, to commissioned artwork. She takes pride that her work makes people happy.

Though she’s not sure of what she wants to do as a future career, she does know that she wants to go to college and have a career that uses creativity and challenges her.

She says she could see herself being an artist in the future. If not, then something similar, because it’s what she loves and is inspired by.

If she had one wish, she would wish for the best for her friends, family and everybody else because everyone deserves some kind of good in their life.

On the other side of the gender coin is Caleb Johnson. Many people have seen Caleb around the school, but not everyone knows him beyond his name. 16-year-old Caleb was born on Nov 10, 1998. His mother is Deidra, and his father is Stanley. Caleb has an older brother, Darren, who is 27 and is supporting himself in Oklahoma.

Caleb says he doesn’t enjoy school, but doesn’t struggle with it. His only concern is in Algebra II, because he “just doesn’t get it.”

After high school, he would like to study to become either a veterinarian or a psychologist. Though these subjects vary greatly, he has a common interest in colleges, with Kansas and Wichita State schools being his top choices.

His passion for animals runs deep, since he has always had animals around the house. Currently, he has a cat named Sam, and a dog named Bandit, who is “very old, and very deaf”.

When Caleb isn’t in school, he spends most of his time at work or with friends, and occasionally, napping. Caleb works at Twin Motors, where he sweeps and maintains the facilities. After work, he meets up with friends.