Mr. Peeper’s class provides an exciting way to earn extra credit

Dyllan Jones, Staff Writer

Sometimes, getting the boost you need to succeed in History class isn’t as hard as it seems. This is especially true for those in Mr. Peeper’s class, held in room 209 of the school building’s second floor, where students can join an event after school every month or two to watch a movie with historical value for extra credit.

After watching the movie, students are given the opportunity to write a paper stating their opinion on the movie’s content for additional grade points. Mr. Peeper, who co-hosts the event with colleague Mr. Fehr, encourages all students with free time to attend, even if they’re not in his class.  Students from other classes are not given the same chance to receive extra credit, but they are welcome to relax and enjoy the event in an appropriate manner.

On October 1, 2015, two episodes of the History Channel documentary The Men Who Built America were shown to a group of students in Mr. Peeper’s classroom. The documentary, which focuses on the American Industrial Age, stars several actors of some renown, such as Joseph Fiennes. The documentary focuses on the lives of big-name businessmen and entrepreneurs of the time, such as J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, and their impact on the nation.

“Some of my friends are going,” said sophomore Emily Mollins, an attendee, who was asked for her opinion preceding the event. “I also like the idea of getting extra credit for watching a movie.”

For less than two hours of your time, you can improve your grade just enough to pass in History class. Making a significant step in the right direction is simple as sitting down and enjoying a feature-length presentation.

Details about upcoming showings can be found on the whiteboard hung directly outside of room 209.