Mustang Regiment competes at Neewollah

Chris McCormack, Staff Writer

Whilst you were preparing to hand out candy for this year’s trick-or-treaters, the Iola High School’s regiment was performing in the sweltering sun.

Iola High School’s Mustang Regiment recently traveled to Independence, Kansas to compete in the Neewollah Band Competition.

In preparation to the competition, the band performed in the Neewollah parade, in which they finished with ones all across the board. A one is the highest rating. As for the stadium performance, the band also placed highly with ones in all categories.  

However, various band members recall that their performances at Neewollah were not up to snuff in comparison to the other shows. Judd Wiltse, senior band member, recalls, “We could’ve done better. Most of our issues were mental errors.”

Despite this unpopularity within the regiment, they shrug it off in preparation for next year’s season. “Next season will hopefully be better,” says band senior Brynna Hollins. “The band will get better, and their talent will increase.”