Coming Soon: Cinderella


Tori Danford, Staff Writer

Come see the play Cinderella coming up this Thursday and Friday. The Bowlus Fine Arts Center opens up at 6:30 P.M., and the play starts at 7 P.M. The cost for USD 257 students is free and for anyone else who would like to view, it’s $5.

The play has a big cast. These people are Olivia Bannister, Zack Cokley, Brynna Hollins, Micaiah Larney, Karly McGuffin, Aaron Terhune, Caitie Venter, Emma Weseloh, Sophie Whitney, and Judd Wiltse.

“The Cinderella story is for kids, to teach them a moral,” said senior Judd Wiltse. “The moral is that if you be honest, then maybe you’ll find your prince,” Wiltse added.