Christmas decoration competition results


Chris McCormack, Staff Writer

What combines team efforts, design skills, Christmas, project planning and artistry? Power 2 Achieve’s Christmas door decoration competition.

On December 4, Power 2 Achieve launched a school wide competition to create the best looking and most creative door design possible, with the winner receiving a classroom pizza party.


As the competition had little to no constraints, it allowed for much more creative entries to leak through. The main initiative of the competition was to practice teamwork and creativity.

Many door designs were entered, from a snowy wallpaper design on Emily Hampton’s door, to a Dr. Seuss poem design on Autumn Peeper’s door and even a plain black door with a red dot and the words, “Rudolph in the dark” attached to it on Anna Bumgarner’s door.


On the fourth of this month, the results for the Christmas decoration competition were announced. The competition was fierce.

First place went out to Hampton’s English room, which was a snowy wallpaper design, as previously mentioned. Props go out to Hampton’s seminar.

Second place was Korenne Grzybowski, and third place was Autumn Peeper.

Power 2 Achieve plans to continue this door competition into the coming years, as this year’s turnout was very promising.