6th annual dodgeball tournament a hit


Dyllan Jones, Staff Writer

The best school fundraisers are the ones that not only earn money, but also give students good reason to spend their hard-earned dollars. As far as solid decisions go, you can’t do much better than playing a sport that has both creative control and inspires a competitive attitude. The best part? Playing dodgeball with your friends contributes to the payment of even more exciting school activities in the long run.
The 6th Annual Stu-Co Dodgeball Tournament was held on Nov 9 and Nov 11 in the IHS gymnasium.
On Nov 9, or pool day, a guarantee of at least five games per team serves as the motivation for several fierce showdowns.
On Nov 11, or bracket day, several returning teams butt heads in an intense tournament, until only one remains. This year, the winning teams of each division are as follows: the all-girl Mild Ones, the all-boy Janitors, and the co-ed Rootbeer. These three coalitions won championship T-shirts as a reward for their victory, as well as the adoration of their peers, youngers — even their elders.
“I just enjoy watching high school kids have so much fun,” said Mrs. Kauth, who fronted the event. In her eyes, these dodgeball tournaments are a blast for everyone involved, not just the folks on the court.
Even students who tend to stay away from school sports can find something to enjoy here so long as they’re creative. Each team is formed by students, wearing T-shirts designed by students, with some even wearing headbands and/or face paint to represent their team (or perhaps their independent spirit).
Attending benefits everyone in the school. The competitors get closer with their teammates, the spectators get just as involved as the competitors, the staff build unity and inspire participation from the student body, and the Student Council receives funds that contribute to the costs of the upcoming Winter Homecoming Dance.