Cinderella: a magical evening for local children


Madison Gambill, Staff Writer

IHS students recently performed their fall play of the 2015-2016 school year; Cinderella: A Play For Children. The play was performed November 12 and 13 at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center and had quite the turnout. Adults and children of all ages enjoyed the play.
It was filled with many laughs. and added a twist to the classic Cinderella we all know and love.
Senior Caitie Venter played Cinderella, opposite of senior Judd Wiltse as Prince Charming. senior Micaiah Larney played the Wicked Stepmother.
“I’m already kind of a fun person, so I’m already there, at least for my Cinderella role,”
Venter said in reference to getting into her character. “Other roles I kind of have to simmer down. Cinderella kind of went with my personality so it was easy to get into my role.”
Throughout the play the Fairy Godmother, played by senior Olivia Bannister, and Fairy Godmother “in training,” sophomore Emma Weseloh, would ask the kids in the audience questions.
“I liked getting the crowd involved in just the story itself because being a little school we couldn’t do big and amazing magic,” Bannister says about interacting with the crowd. “With the crowd’s involvement I think it really helped look past that.”

Overall the play teaches children, and adults, that if and when you tell the truth you can end up finding your own Prince Charming.
The play had a big cast. The rest of the onstage members were Aaron Terhune, Abby Valentine, Alexis Henry, Alyssa Lewis, Amelia Russ, Bobbi Sinclair, Bret Plumlee, Brynna Hollins, Connor Farrell, Karima Hall, Karly McGuffin, Kassy Shelby, Katie Bauer, Katie Weide, Levi Seilonen, Madison Carlin, Morgan Jett, Parker Smith, Sam Terhune, Skylar Brookes, Sophie Whitney, Yohon Sinclair, and Zach Cokley.

Off stage were Director Regina Chriestenson, Lighting Operator Chandler House, Make-up Directors Bri-Anna Winner and Emilee Luedke, Rail Operator Caleb Spencer, Sound Operator Braden Plumlee, Spot Light Operators Abigail Allen and Carly Cescon, Stage Manager Chloe Reeves, and Stagehands Laurie Campbell, Cole Cescon, Storm Mikulski, and Kathryn Woodruff.