Working to make Allen County a drug-free community


Valaree Burtnett

Amy Karr, project coordinator

Amy Karr, Drug Free Communities Project Coordinator

Submitted by Amy Karr, Drug Free Communities Project Coordinator

Allen County received a 5 year grant from the Drug Free Communities in partnership with ACMAT (Allen County Multi-Agency Team).  This program is available to Allen County for up to 5 years with the possibility of additional funds for years 6-10.  The grant will focus on alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs.

Allen County’s Drug Free Communities Youth Program at IHS is for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 who are interested in impacting their peers to make positive decisions, especially in regards to the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and tobacco.  Students while participating in this group will learn from the following curricula: Botvin Life skills, and a combination of social norms, Youth Voice, SPF (strategic prevention framework) and other trainings provided by CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) and DFC grant. Activities students may possibly participate in while participating are: yearly national awareness activities, environmental scan, Kick Butts Day, Sticker Shock, Drug Take Back, town hall meetings, and possibly a Rocksprings summit.

This is a great leadership opportunity for students that want to improve their community! Some of the leadership opportunities are as follows:

chair positions, assisting in developing and implementing a comprehensive communications/marketing plan, conducting surveys/gathering results, presenting at future summit, etc.

Students will also have involvement and a voice in ACMAT.  Some activities they may participate in with the coalition are:

participate in focus groups, review/analyze school, city, county and community policies, meet with law enforcement, school leaders, doctors/pharmacists, and other relevant community leaders.

Students interested must fill out an application. Applications may be picked up from Rm 201. Once applications are received students will have an interview with the selection committee and then if selected may begin participating in the group. As this is the first year of the Drug Free Communities here at IHS, students will be allowed to submit applications late.