DUDE. Be Nice.


Alyssa White, Staff Writer

This year Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) will be hosting an event starting Feb. 8 and ending on Feb. 12. There will be an activity hosted each day, creating awareness for anti-bullying.

Monday, Feb. 8, the SADD members will be making posters. Tuesday and Wednesday, SADD members will be managing a table in the cafeteria where they will encourage students to write an uplifting note to a peer. Thursday and Friday will be similar, but instead of writing to a peer, students will write to a teacher of their choosing. The event will be highlighting the negative effects of bullying.

SADD is also supporting a project called the “DUDE. Be Nice.” project. DUDE. Be Nice. (DBN) has set out to educate adolescents on how bullying can be stopped. Hopefully, the DBN project will encourage young adults to be more accepting of each other’s backgrounds and choices. “I don’t think this project will resolve bullying, but it can help change their perspectives,” said freshman and sophomore counselor, Mrs. Strobel. If you would like to know more about the DBN project, go to dudebenice.com/pages/dbnproject.