Iceland Oasis 2016

Tori Bland, Staff Writer

“My favorite thing [about after prom] was probably the bubble soccer and all the candy,” said sophomore Katelynn Olsten. “Every time I played bubble soccer, I would get knocked her over and over and it was just really funny to me.”

IHS prom was held in the gymnasium on April 16. The theme, Iceland Oasis, was an interesting choice for a spring event. However, it worked.

Everyone lined up for Grand March at six o’clock, waiting for the event to kick off.

“I think Grand March is really fun,” said Olsten. “I think it’s fun to walk up and get pictures taken. It makes me really happy. Plus, I got to see everyone else in their dresses, at that time,” added Olsten.

After Grand March, the fun began. The doors opened at 8 o’clock. The room was quickly filled with tuxedos and dresses.

“I really liked this year’s prom better,” said sophomore Chloe Gardner. “I was more comfortable.”

Prom went on until 11 p.m.. Then, everyone traveled to the community building to attend the Candy Land themed after prom. There were several activities to do and lots, and lots of candy. Laser tag, bubble soccer, and a photo booth were just a few things that the students could participate in.

“My favorite thing was probably the bubble soccer, definitely,” said Gardner.

Prom 2016 was definitely a blast for everyone.

Photo by Autumn Peeper. Sophomores Karly McGuffin, Chloe Gardner, and junior Jadyn Sigg snap a quick picture before heading to dinner.