90 days of summer vacation

Dyllan Jones , Staff Writer

There are many activities to do over the summer; some of the activities include creativity and others are plain fun.

There are many crafts you can learn to do over the summer. Crafting is a fun way to spark your creativity, and discover your artistic ability. There are many crafting ideas you can try. For instance, you may want to design your own clothes, tie-dye t-shirts, or learn to crochet. Put your ideas down on paper, or decorate your room. Art is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look.

Another way to spend your summer is vacationing or roadtripping.  Road trips are not always across the nation. You could travel to another town, meet up with old friends, or just drive around. Sometimes, it is the smaller things we do that we remember the most.

What about learning in the summer? There are museums all over the place, and monuments you can visit. One monument in Kansas is the Monument Rocks of Gove County. The monument is rich in fossil fuels, and was the first national natural landmark chosen by the US Department of Interior.

Sometimes, the simple and inexpensive options are the best. Not everyone can afford to vacation or stock up on crafting supplies, and even if you can, it is unlikely that they will tide you over for the whole summer.

Once you have tie-dyed all the shirts in your house and visited every state in the country, it is time to stop worrying about costs and start thinking about how you’ll make use of your remaining downtime.

There’s a lot of stuff you can do right at home, but you shouldn’t start with what lies on the inside. As students transitioning into adulthood with our nose in books (or less productive things) forgetting about the sun’s existence is a fairly common occurrence.

However, when all those things are taken out of the equation, why not re-acquaint ourselves with the celestial body that has kept us alive for so long?

When you are outdoors, take some time to bond with your family and friends over ball sports, or ditch them for a tan. While you are at it, get up and get some exercise or explore your surroundings – you may just find something you never even knew existed.

Still, this is southeast Kansas we are talking about, and erratic weather conditions may drive you inside and leave you with almost nothing to do except twiddle your thumbs while looking outside in disappointment.

Once again, this is a great time to bond with your family and/or friends. Friends may not be the best choice if the weather is bad unless they’re already at your house.

Board games, reading, and simply watching Netflix or playing videogames with your loved ones is a way to bond and keep yourself occupied when things get boring. Sure, this may all be common knowledge, but it’s always good to have your options laid out for you.

Regardless of the weather conditions, use your summer to strengthen your connections; not only with your family, but with yourself as well. Explore your potential interests and adopt new hobbies. Reconnect with your past fascinations and bring them into the present.

The best thing about free time is that it is so easy to waste, but when you use it properly you are certain to feel a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully, you will find a way to use these recommendations to your own advantage, and make this summer both enjoyable and productive.