Your tassel is worth the hassle

Tori Danford, Staff Writer

Graduation is one of the most fun times of high school, but sometimes the most sad time as well. You will no longer see your friends that you have been with since elementary or preschool. This monumental achievement in life should touch students, but in most cases, it doesn’t.

You are in class just waiting to graduate. You wake up with the realization that you only have a couple of weeks left. You get excited, but maybe a little sad because you don’t want your familiar routine to end. The teachers are constantly on your back, adding stress leading up to the graduation date. This makes seniors even more stressed out.

There are so many things left to do. Invitations have to be sent out because people have to be notified of the date.
The day comes and all the eyes are looking at you. There are going to be a lot of people in the room. The anticipation is finally real when you hear people screaming and observing you walk across the stage and getting your diploma. This is the most scary part for most people.

You and your peers are what makes up the school. If you think you’re not going to cry at graduation, think again. You will cry and that is just fine. You are most likely never going to see your classmates again, unless you stay close friends with them. Try to stay in touch with your classmates, as you will miss them. Who knows? You may need them.

With graduation right around the corner, don’t be sad. Make sure to stay positive and to get all of your credits.