Spring Fling

Chris McCormack, Staff Writer

The fourth annual Spring Fling will be occurring Thursday, May 26. A portion of the event will occur in the south lawn, and the rest will be spent in the Iola High School building.

The Spring Fling is comprised of many team based activities, and the teams are divided by student’s class. Five activities will take place outside, and five will occur inside.

Activities include the egg toss, water balloon volleyball, and dodgeball, as well as many new events including the pantyhose toss and tic-tac-toe race.

The schedule of the event will include class meetings in the morning from 8 to 9, breakfast and grab n’ go, which will happen as normal, team activities in the morning, and ends with lunch outdoors at 1 P.M.

This year’s event will be different as students are asked to wear certain colors of shirts over specific t-shirts, as there was no grant money available for the purchase of new shirts. Freshman are asked to wear white shirts, sophomores are asked to wear blue, and juniors are asked to wear black.

The event is being supervised by the school’s staff and is being headed by school counselor Melissa Stiffler. Stiffler said, “The Spring Fling is` meant to determine which class or group is the best.”