2015-16 yearbook is in

First annual yearbook signing party to be in full swing soon


Persephone Means, Editor

Are you excited to receive your yearbook? You should be! There is going to be a yearbook signing party at the Iola High School Commons from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, August 8.

Courtesy of its_persephones_palace on Instagram
Persephone Means
Courtesy of its_persephones_palace on Instagram

Make sure to be there to pick up your yearbook and to be able to get it signed by all of your classmates. Not only will you catch up with your friends you weren’t able to see over the summer, you will be able to enjoy refreshments and munch on snacks while visiting. Maybe you can even bust some dance moves to the music?

If you didn’t buy a yearbook, you can always pick one up for $50. Even if you don’t have a yearbook to sign, I would encourage you to be there to be able to sign other’s yearbooks.

It will be a fun time, so be there or be square. Monday, August 8, IHS Commons 6-8 p.m.