Winter Spirit Week


Allie Utley

Back row: Freshman Lauren McDermeit, sophomore Emilee Luedke, freshman Jill Keller, sophomore Sadie Maple. Front row: Junior Brylee Maley, sophomores Ashey Crane, Hailei Gregg, junior Emma Weseloh, and senior Taylor Stout. The cheer squad shows their school spirit last homecoming by dressing up as tourists for Tourist Thursday.

Melany Dean, Staff Writer

With winter homecoming approaching, we also have another exciting spirit week consisting of Movie Character Monday (hat day), Twin Tuesday, Wacky Hair Wednesday, Grout-fit Thursday (dress in all gray), and last but not least, the classic Blue and Gold Friday.

If you are in Breanna Esslinger or Aubry Keller’s classes, you might know you have a chance at earning a food party! In an attempt to get more spirit happening around the school, Esslinger and Keller have teamed up to create a rubric. If you participate in the spirit week, find them and they will give you a certain amount of points. If you earn 25 points, you get a free assignment pass to use on everything but tests. If you can earn 30 points (out of 40 available), you get the 25 point prize and you are also invited to the food party the following Monday. If you would like to participate just go talk to Keller or Esslinger.