New technology hydrates students


Kyler Tolth

Above is the new installation in the high school commons.

Persephone Means, Editor

“We started noticing them in area schools. Mrs. Stiffler was actually the first to request one. We talked to Scott Stanley, who is the director of operations, and superintendent Koehn about getting one at the beginning of the year. It showed up a few weeks ago,” says IHS principal Stacey Fager. Fager is talking about the newly installed water bottle filling machine, called the ELKAY ezH2O, located in the high school commons.

Students and faculty members might already be aware of this new technology, but did you know that, according to, more than half of the water drank from a regular fountain is wasted? Reusing bottles and filling them from green machines like this can help prevent that waste because of the system inside of it. You put the bottle in the designated spot, and it fills it with nice, cold water for you. This is beneficial to schools because it is great to use for filling bottles during sports practice. It is also faster than when you fill it with the normal drinking fountains. Since it is an automatic system, you don’t even have to awkwardly hold the bottle as it fills.

Freshman Gaby Richards, who is involved in sports, says, “It tastes different and it is way faster than a regular fountain. I use it a lot and I like it.” I hope that you take a minute and use this amazing new technology. At the time of the publication, we have saved 707 bottles of water.

Kyler Tolth