History on display


Sierra Snavely

Medals of various people and departments in World War I hang in their display case.

Sierra Snavely, Staff Writer

World History and History elective teacher Bill Peeper and two students, sophomores Hunter Preston and Kolt Knoblich, have put together a history display in the commons area of Iola High School. It currently displays World War I items, each with descriptions.

“The idea of the display had originated from a teacher workshop I attended last September. Jeff Fehr and I wanted to make more use out of our local museum,” says Peeper. Iola, Kansas, is home to the Allen County Historical Society Museum. “The goal was to engage students in history by using local resources. To me, personally, it is a neat way to bring history to the students. We chose to start the display of the first World War, being it is the 100 year anniversary,” says Peeper.

The display currently shows many different World War I items, such as pieces of clothing and medals. “I am big on the apparel. It paints a grand image in history,” says Peeper. The display will be updated on occasion and will remain stationed in the commons area of the high school.

If you have any interest in becoming a member of the class for next year, contact Bill Peeper.

Sierra Snavely