Senior’s last day: Seniors turn school into a zoo


Autumn Peeper

Senior Abby Valentine poses with her kitty Quidditch.

Sierra Snavely and Allie Utley, Staff Writers

As a final memory to make, the 2017 senior class of Iola High School students decided to bring their pets to school on their last day. No reported damages were filed and no one was injured, making for a perfect exit.

“For the most part, the teachers were surprisingly supportive, except for a handful that were concerned about the sanitation around their classroom. But we all kept that under wraps, and everything turned out pretty well,” senior Aaron Terhune says. The pets that were brought include dogs, cats, and even a fish. “I thought I would be the only one that showed up in the parking lot with a cat, but actually Sydney Wade, Abby Valentine, and Megan Klubek, and a few others brought them,” Terhune also commented.

“Although I didn’t participate in bringing an animal, I thought the teachers handled it pretty well in the majority of my classes. As far as being a senior, it’s unreal. I can’t believe it’s over, and it’s been a fun ride. The best way to describe the feeling is bittersweet,” senior Mason Ingle says.

The seniors will do the annual senior walk on Thursday, May 11, and the commencement will be held in the gym of the Iola High School on Saturday, May 13, at 2 o’clock.

Senior Zane Beasley and his companion Molly pose for a picture.