Student Council members learn valuable lessons in regional conference


Allie Utley
Featured speaker Adrienne Bulinski takes a group selfie

Dyllan Jones, Editor

On Thursday, September 21, Iola’s incumbent Student Council officers visited a locally-hosted regional conference at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center. This event, officially known as the Regional Student Council Conference, saw over 300 attendees. Among the participating districts were Anderson County, Chanute, Pittsburg, and Uniontown. The purpose of the get-together was to exercise and improve students’ leadership capabilities by applying the concept of leadership to relatable challenges.

According to StuCo President Karly McGuffin, this goal was met from the very beginning. “We showed leadership. Mrs.Kauth couldn’t be everywhere all the time, so it was up to the students to do our jobs so that the conference could run smoothly,” she proudly recollected.

That day, cheers could be heard from the fine arts center from several blocks away. What could so thoroughly appeal to a group of students that they holler in anticipation? It could have been in anticipation of the speaker, Adrienne Rosel-Bulinski, whose long list of accolades includes Miss Kansas 2005, performance artist, and award-winning motivational speaker; or for Iola’s own band performers, who greeted new arrivals as they entered the building. Not long after, IHS’ jazz band made a name for themselves on the regional level by playing a well-received show.

Bulinski’s presentation was well-liked, and many found her story to be poignant, moving, and inspirational. She spoke of a wide range of topics that all ultimately led back to leadership — overcoming adversity, pursuing passion projects like performing on stage as an actress, winning the statewide Miss Kansas pageant, and replacing a leg severed in a tragic accident. Through it all, she persevered.

“She [Bulinski] was wonderful. She showed how she had overcome so much. She had a very good message, and she touched on many areas that touch kids’ lives, things that they may have seen or experienced in their own lives,” said StuCo adviser Dianne Kauth.

When asked about the topics explored during the conference, McGuffin listed, “Leadership, school involvement, and overcoming challenges.”

Allie Utley
Former Iola teacher Jeff Fehr surrounded by a crowd of Iola students

“My favorite part of the conference was just listening to the lessons that Adrienne Bulinski and David Cherry, the KSHSAA StuCo director provided us with and the advice they gave us,” she continued.

The Regional Student Council Conference left McGuffin with an optimistic outlook on upcoming StuCo matters. “We host the regional conference again next year, and I can’t wait to see what the future of Iola’s Student Council holds,” McGuffin said.