Showing and spreading faith

A nation-wide event, Fields of Faith, finds itself in Iola, Kansas.


Allie Utley

Macayla Bycroft, Gentry Dougherty, Jennifer Tidd, Olivia Taylor, and Erin Klubek say they have spent many hours rehearsing for their performance.

Nic Zimmerman, Staff Writer


Several churchgoers, young and old, gathered Wednesday night at the Fields of Faith event in an effort to unify and spread the bible’s word. The event was put on by several different churches throughout the community, including Fellowship United, Wesley United Methodist, and First Baptist Church, among many others. Fields of Faith featured testimonies from Macayla Bycroft and Sloan Geddry, along with performances from Bycroft, Jennifer Tidd, Gentry Dougherty, Olivia Taylor, and the First Baptist Church band led by youth minister, A.J Jones.

Allie Utley
Youth minister, AJ Jones singing to the Lord, on October 11th, 2017.

“It was really interesting to hear the different stories.  They were extremely motivational,” said junior Derek Bycroft. There was quite the turnout for the event due to the many different youth group’s of Iola and adults interested in spreading the faith.      

According to, Fields of Faith is a nation-wide event originally started in 2002 by Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athlete director, Jeff Martin who prayed about the spiritual battles of the Millennial youth. He then decided to gather students, such as King Josiah did in 2 Chronicles 34, and challenged them to read and interpret God’s word in a common environment. Two years later in 2004, a blessing occurred when more than 6,000 students across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas came to attend Fields of Faith. Since then hundreds and thousands of people have gathered annually for the event, and thousands have been saved to the Lord.