Keeping up with the band

Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

The Iola Mustang Regiment have been busy working and have a lot of important events coming up. The jazz band has a concert on the square at 6:00 p.m this evening. Tomorrow they will also feature a “glow show” at the conclusion of the football game. So far, they have played at all three home games and attended Emporia State University’s marching festival. An up and coming event is a marching festival in Andover that they will be attending and they will have district band auditions on November 4th at Fort Scott Middle School.Those who make it into the ensemble will have a district jazz concert band performance on December 2nd, also in Fort Scott. They will be marching in the Veteran’s day Parade. Finally, they will have their annual winter concert on the 28th of November at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.

“I am most excited about being able to play with all of my band family,” said sophomore Theresia Middleton, a flute player in the Mustang Regiment.

Adryan Nading, a clarinet player, and part of the Mustang Regiment as well, said he wasexcited most about district band auditions.”

Nading hopes this year to get better at playing his instrument, while Middleton hopes to get a one rating at their competitions. In a band competition,a one rating is considered the best.

“The thing I like about band is the bonds you form with the band.”said Nading.